Another-Day’s Top 25 Albums From 2014


2014 was an odd year for many of us, self included. Music certainly had its up and downs, but like with every year there where some truly stand out albums that we and you just couldn’t stop listening to. According to us the year only officially starts next week, so we thought we’d give you one last chance to  get your hands on some of the best music from last year. These are the top albums of 2014.

I’m sure many of you will agree with some of these, while some of you won’t. Thats okay, cos I am right and you are wrong. Jokes aside, there was a clear and present shift in 2014 towards more instrumental music and rock, but old habits die hard and I still squeezed some old electronic music in there. Rap, Hip-Hop and RnB had an odd year for me too and I couldn’t quite grab hold of certain artists and I don’t like to force myself into something. No, metal lovers, you can’t use that excuse of ‘you have to learn to like it’ with me. It was also the year that U2 forced their awful new album onto your iTunes, and gave us all a look at what our true dark future of consumerism has lead us too. That said, music is something that should instantly grab you and hold your attention. Great music sets off all the right emotional beats within you. Here are the first 14 albums that did that for me.


The first 14 albums covers a wide variey of genres, from the jazzy funky sounds of Kindness, BadBadNotGood and Sinake, to that delicious rock sound that is stealing everyone’s attention. Run The Jewels snuck its way in due to its uncanny chaotic and furious sound, creating huge amounts of energy. Angel Olsen and Phantogram‘s Sarah Barthel brought a much needed feminine touch, while bands like The Horrors and Allah-Las remind us music can be a cathartic and dreamlike experience. Okay, let’s get to the serious contenders.



These albums are the ones that I cannot stop playing even now. The Chain Gang of 1974 wasn’t on many people’s radar before last year, but having his track headline Rockstar’s latest edition of Grand Theft Auto certainly helped. It’s one hell of a fun dark poppy album, hitting all the right high notes for me. What can I say about Royal Blood that most people haven’t said already? Their debut is earth shattering and so much fun. Melodic and haunting, Wild Beasts delivered an album that I find irresistible. I’m slightly surprised I didn’t put it higher up. New kid on the block SOHN came out of the gate swinging, making a lot of noise with his first singles. Who would have guessed that his debut album would be even more powerful? Caribou are a powerhouse. I don’t think we get how much of a big deal they are to the rest of the world, but this latest offering gives us a glimpse into this man’s genius and it shines so brightly. I’m gonna say DZ Deathrays made the album that DFA1979 should have made. It is raw, it is power and it never lets go. Wow just wow Jungle. Yes, you’re power pop, but you are so good at it that no one notices at all. I literally still get a high when I listen to this album. What can I say, I’m a sucker for that beautiful Americana sound. The War On Drugs didn’t just do good, they made people fall in love with a genre again. Mr DeMarco has a massive soft spot in my heart. This may have been his weakest album yet, but it showed us growth in this young musician’s life. Personally, I want him to take more chances and push his music as far as he can and you can taste the beginnings of it on this album. Future Islands, hey. Singles made most of us fall in love with a band we had maybe had a brush with before but never really got into. It’s impressive how much passion these guys could fit onto one album and good lord am I thankful. So with that all past, the Number 1 album of the year was…



A couple of months back we said that Beatenberg‘s The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg was our favorite album of the year. We weren’t lying. It’s downright phenomenal. How did these guys get this album so right? It’s actually crazy. From Rafael to The Prince of the Hanging Gardens, this album is a non-stop tour de force of greatness. It’s almost like this album is determined, with its heart and soul, to pour its joy and youthful bliss inside you. And you know what? It does. A little smile just forms across my face and I’m sure many others’ when they hear those strings, beats and vocals. There is nothing better than driving in traffic and seeing a huge variety of people just singing along to Chelsea Blakemore. I mean, have you ever seen a taxi filled with young school girls singing and bouncing along to that song? It’s incredible. Well played, boys. This album captured the whole country’s heart and I’m sure it will be stuck on repeat for a very long time.

Agree? Disagree? I’m sure you do. Please sound off in the comments if you think we missed anything. We’d love to know.

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